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Free tests

The practice of puzzles whose pattern varies
and the cut-out escapes the classic shapes
probably has to intrigue and justify...

a no-obligation trial.

 kid Free puzzle free program Free video puzzle

For a serene discovery

For Windows

2 puzzles and 5 hours of play offered

Non-binding trial program

Step one

Free trial

The "" games open with the "Jigsaw Puzzle 2" app.

"Jigsaw Puzzle 2" is an application of "Tibo Software."

5 hours of discovery are proposed to familiarize yourself with this environment exclusively dedicated to the exercise of the puzzle in optimal conditions.

5 hours, after which the choice can be made to purchase the full version and unlimited use of the software for the equivalent of 9.95 US Dollars.

Enjoy these 5 hours of discovery:

Here download the Jigsaw puzzle 2 app

Step two

SP free puzzles

2 puzzles of "" are available free of charge to appreciate the attractions during this discovery program:
a children's puzzle and another which model is a video.
They do not contain viruses, spyware, adware or other malware.

Download these 2 puzzles freely:

Here download Mushroom.pzp The children's puzzle.
Here download Cascades.pzp The video puzzle.

Introducing the "Mushroom" puzzle

Kid puzzle mushroom 48 pieces

As the illustration suggests, the "Mushroom" puzzle was designed for children.

In order to enrich his playful appeal, he voluntarily links the ease of setting up certain pieces to the challenge that arises from the installation of a few others.

Introducing the "Cascades" puzzle

Video puzzle Cascades 188 pieces

The animation comes into play in Cascades, a puzzle whose model is in video.

It is to be expected, first, to be baffled by some of its 188 pieces with fluid clues.

These pieces invite us to reconsider the analysis of their content and to assimilate the information, of a new nature, than from the classic puzzles.

The video quality of these previews is less than the original quality.

The size of the parts and the size of the model, as shown on the previews, are not contractual because they depend on the format of the screen used.

The dimensions of the model and therefore the parts are easily set, the best ratio being 50% for the surface of the model compared to that of the play area.

The play area unfolds in full screen.

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