directions for use 100

"Ghost" and "Image" menus

panel game

"Play Room Control Table

Show the model as needed.


Makes the model image of the puzzle appear or disappear in the background.
The "Ghost' Opacity and Location" are adjustable by the Ghost Options menu.


Opens the model image in a pop-up window that can be resized at will:
- either by right-clicking on the image
- either by acting on its edges with the mouse.
With a left click it is possible by wrapping it to select
part of this image and open it in a new window.
The V keyboard shortcut displays or hides all "Image" windows.

Stop solving a puzzle safely with the "Back" button.
It is automatically saved in the "Store Room."

Image de ce lien Open the "Ghost" video tutorial

Image de ce lien Open the video tutorial "Image"