directions for use 100

Flexible handling of pieces

Moving a piece

Place the cursor above the piece, click left and move it.
To drop it new left click.
When 2 pieces come together, the connection is accompanied by a beep and an animated icon appears briefly.
The assembled pieces move in solidarity.

The pieces cannot disappear completely from the "Play Room."

Rotation of a piece

2 solutions:
to rotate it, place the cursor on a piece and activate the mouse wheel according to the desired direction of rotation
or select it with a left click on it and rotate it with the right click.

Selecting several pieces

Place the cursor on an empty area of the "Play Room."
Press the left button of the mouse and drag the cursor by delineating the area of the pieces to be selected.
Release the mouse button.
The selected pieces are tinged with red and move, rotating in solidarity.

A puzzle can be done, undone, redone at will.

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