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Free tests

The practice of puzzles whose pattern varies
and the cut-out escapes the classic shapes
probably has to intrigue and justify...

a no-obligation trial.

 kid Free puzzle free program Free video puzzle

For a serene discovery

For Windows

2 puzzles and 5 hours of play offered

Step one

Free trial

The "" games open with the "Jigsaw Puzzle 2" app.

"Jigsaw Puzzle 2" is an application of "Tibo Software."

5 hours of free discovery are proposed to familiarize yourself with this environment.

5 hours, after which the choice can be made to purchase the full version and unlimited use of the software for the equivalent of 9.95 US Dollars.

Step two

SP free puzzles

2 puzzles of "" are available free of charge to appreciate the attractions during this discovery program:

a children's puzzle  "Mushroom"and another "Cascads" which model is a video.

They do not contain viruses, spyware, adware or other malware.

Enjoy these 5 hours of discovery :

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user manual

No online payment fee
from €5 purchase.

Automatic and immediate
discount coupon
10% from €8,
20% from €15.

No delay delivery.
Download links
are sent
by email.

It's useless
to order several times
download link
of same puzzle.

For Windows


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