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"Two Frogs" Animated Puzzle

Image of this jigsaw-puzzle
1,40 € each


32 pieces

In this animated puzzle for children, it's needed to follow and put back on their respective paths two frogs frolicking briskly, from leaf to leaf, from piece to piece, in the middle of water lilies flowers.


The video quality of these previews is less than the original quality.

The size of the parts and the size of the model, as shown on the previews, are not contractual, as they depend on the format of the screen used.

The dimensions of the model and therefore the parts are easily set, the best ratio being 50% for the surface of the model compared to that of the play area.

The play area unfolds in full screen.

Two Frogs is under digital protection of the works Cléo-Société Des Gens De Lettres.

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