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Jigsaw-puzzle is renewed!

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The video, the animation,
the never-seen-before cutouts come into play.

The video, the animation, come into play by offering the puzzle a visual as well as playful advance, a dance of flowers and wind, bursts and moving colors, inviting us to run from piece to piece behind butterflies, or leaving us lost in the free flow of a river.

The cutting profile, freed from the mechanical stresses of the puzzles of yesteryear, participates in the game, in its aesthetic. Ripped, ruthlessly uniform or marrying the desired shapes, it is tailor-made.

The famous truncated pieces of the borders, so easy to recognize, can disappear, and this disappearance adds to the enigma , until its denouement.

"Discovery" offers a free exploration.

The albums offer to acquire a choice of puzzles.
"First step", presents puzzles for children,
"Videoclastes", some animated puzzles,
"Brainstorming", puzzles and baffling problems.

These puzzles open with the "Jigsaw Puzzle 2" app.
It allows the development, the safeguarding, the practice
games in comfortable conditions.

No online payment fee
from €5 purchase.

Automatic and immediate
discount coupon
10% from €8,
20% from €15.

No delay delivery.
Download links
are sent
by email.

It's useless
to order several times
download link
of same puzzle.

For Windows

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